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22 May 2009 @ 02:34 pm
SO...it has been awhile. A long, long while, haha. I honestly wasn't planning on updating this comm anytime soon, but then my internet went down last night, I got bored, and decided to make a few icons. A few icons turned into a lot. And yes. This is my biggest post EVER, which should hopefully make up for me not updating in over a year? Ahaha.

Some of these are ANCIENT (as in, made over a year ago). Some are brand new. I think you can tell which ones are most ancient, since they're labelled with my old username. :x Some I'm proud of, some I'm iffy on. But eh. Here they are!

the breakdown:
6 - BoA
1 - Go Ara
17 - Lee Minho
31 - SS501
7 - Utada Hikaru

+ credit & comments are awesome
+ hotlinking is not awesome. Don't do it pls.

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Oh, and happy 4th anniversary to my comm ♥ It turned 4 back in January :D lol.
09 February 2008 @ 11:09 pm
I wanted to do a little bit more with this piddly little batch, but I was getting totally sick of seeing these icons sitting in my folder, so decided to post 'em up. Proud of some, not so proud of others, but haha. Isn't that the way it usually is?

Also have 4 DBSK wallpapers to share this time too for something different :)

4 - Koda Kumi
5 - Misc. (Namie Amuro, Stock, Utada Hikaru)

+ credit & comments are awesome
+ hotlinking is not awesome. Don't do it pls.

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Next update should hopefully come a little bit sooner? :D

Happy 3rd anniversary to this comm, too! (back in January xD;)
06 October 2007 @ 09:51 pm
apparently my definition of "soon" translates to "in a few months." Haaaaa...

Anyway, this batch was mostly experimental, as in I messed around with colouring and dabbled in a few trends. Some of the experiments worked out for me and others didn't...really. LOL! A couple of months ago I also got a new laptop, so I went from 1024x768 resoltion -> 1280x800. 1280x800 = kinda sucky resolution to make icons in (they're so tiny!). So yeah, apologies if anything looks funky :)

Apologies to Min (from DBSK) fans as well. I didn't realize that there was such a shortage of Min icons until I went to post them up D8 More Min love next time, k?

+ comment & credit is mucho appreciated.
+ if you must distribute, please at least credit.
+ upload to your own server. Thanks :)

the breakdown:
4- Lee Hyori
4 Yamashita Tomohisa


1 Aoi Miyazaki, 1 Avril Lavigne, 1 Ayumi Hamasaki, 1 Epik High, 3 F.T. Island, 2 Mika Nakashima, 2 Namie Amuro, 1 Rain (Bi), 1 Se7en, 1 Utada Hikaru, 1 Malgolpy (...I realize that she's out of sequence, yes, but I messed up when I made the table and was too lazy to re-generate it...)

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some of these are old, some are new. Cliche text and all of that good stuff under the cut...Collapse )

For those of you who requested...apparently I'm a dur, because my requests folder was somehow lost in the shuffle between my desktop computer -> my laptop...and my brother now has ownership of the desktop, so they're long gone D: I will attempt to remake them one of these years, though! (if you still want them, that is...ahaha...)