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unknown colour
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Welcome to azurer's little corner of the web featuring icons and other graphics of various fandoms.

+ rules;            

un. Comments and credit are very much appreciated. (Don't know how to credit? click here) I don't have the time to hunt people down for not doing this, but it's only common courtesy ♥
deux. If you feel some weird, innecessant need to distribute these elsewhere, please ask me first.
trois. Pleaseeeee don't hotlink. I don't like orange frogs or Photobucket errors D:
quatre. This is kinda a no brainer, but please don't edit my icons or claim them as your own. Just because they're textless and simple doesn't mean that they're bases. Thx. :)

+ affiliated;            

abcd_icons, flimsyicons

interested in being one?

+ other stuff;            

The current layout features the kpop/jpop singer Xiah Junsu (from the group 동방신기). It was made by azurer in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Many thanks go to minty_peach for the original overrides used for this layout. Credit for all brushes and textures used in the making of this layout is located in my resources entry.